Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm back (I hope!)

I am the worst blogger but I have now gotten addicted to Facebook and that always reminds me to get back to blogging. At least blogging is forgiving, right? The blog sure never gripes that I haven't been around.... I digress.

I had a busy day planned. Morgan forgot to take her lunch, so I dropped Brent off at school "early" (10 minutes but that is good for me) and I was going to run to the bluff and take Morgan's lunch, then run back to see Brent's A Honor Roll ceremony during chapel. In between I got a message that I didn't need to go work til noon, so I thought I would drop by the clinic to see if Tom needed any help since his new assistant called in sick and he isn't feeling very good either. I'm sitting in the parkinglot on the phone and Mariah starts coughing a little. I look back at her and she starts spewing oatmeal. I mean spewing! So we headed home, got her bathed, and she's just running around and playing with the dog, happy as a clam. I start laundry and fortunately have 2 carseats so I changed out carseats cause the other one is just nasty. Anyway, she has been down for a nap for about 2 hours now so hopefully that will help get rid of whatever bug grabbed her this morning.

Now, my job. First of all and most importantly, I am MOM. However, I have added to that a "part time job" helping Ridge with his brand new nonprofit HELP. We finally got tax exempt status granted on Dec 30, and our first board meeting is TOMORROW!! HELP is a 501(c)(3) company that puts at-risk students in worksite mentoring situations to show them up close and personal the jobs that are available locally if they will stay in school. We just finished our pilot program in December and we start up again in February. That's what I've been up to the past few months.